F1 Computer Solutions has relationships with top resellers in the IT industry allowing us to provide your business with the best solutions available at competitive pricing for both hardware, cloud and software solutions, including handling your licensing requirements.

Our team will work with you to determine which IT solutions will best meet your business and financial needs. We will assess compatibility issues, refine the specifications and provide you with a quote which you can accept online to begin the seamless processing of your project.

Advantages of Procurement through F1

  • Because we buy in volume, we enjoy buying power that allows our clients to pay competitive low prices.
  • We sell only business grade hardware with parts built to withstand the day-to-day demands that continual use puts on IT equipment.
  • Our quotes include warranties selected for your critical business needs.
  • When issues arise, you can count on us to handle the preliminary troubleshooting and to handle any necessary warranty claims, associated returns and coordination of vendor mitigation.
  • We maintain an inventory of your IT assets.  Management of this inventory is incorporated into your service plan so you will have an integrated lifecycle management and asset tracking solution.
  • Financing Options are available for all your IT project hardware solutions.