Staff Savings

F1 acts as your company’s IT department saving you in staffing costs.  Alternatively, for companies who require or prefer internal IT staff, we can provide escalation support and access to industry-leading tools to increase their productivity, efficiency and mobility.

Increased Efficiency

When your technology is functioning as it was designed to, you experience increased productivity and an overall more positive work experience.  F1 is committed to helping to keep you functional and running optimally.

Proactive Support/More Uptime

F1 monitors and manages a tremendous amount on the backend.  With 7X24X365 monitoring and multiple layers of security in place, we catch and deal with issues before they are visible to our clients so that your efforts and energy go into generating income for your business.

Stable IT Budget

With F1’s help, you can better manage your IT spend.  Not only do we have multiple support models that can make all aspects of your IT spend predictable, but we also have hardware-as-a-service offerings that allow you to even your capital expenses through leasing type programs. You experience top quality at prices that you can manage.

Leverage Technology

F1 stays on the front end of the technology wave so that we can keep you aware of what’s new and what can help your business utilize technology in a way that will allow you to be more productive including, for example, helping you implement new software solutions or arming you with the network design and infrastructure solutions that will allow you to work seamlessly from most anywhere.

Managed Security

F1 Computer Solutions provides a comprehensive security stack to ensure the safety and security of your assets is maintained around the clock.  Device specific security features travel with you providing layers of protection when you are on the go and we can offer Mobile Device Management allowing us to wipe your devices if they are lost or stolen.

Monitored Backups

We monitor backups on an ongoing basis for our clients keeping their critical data secure in the event of loss or attacks including ransomware threats, which are unfortunately becoming more common.  Getting data back in short order saves time and money.