Racks and data cabling

Data in your network is transport by two methods, WiFi and Physical Ethernet. At the end of every WiFi connection, there are cables that are keeping your network stable. Having a reliable wired network is crucial to maintaining uptime and handling growing throughput requirements


Structured Wiring

Just because a network is operational, doesn’t mean that it is correct or as optimized as it should be. A well designed and implemented network allows for scalability in your business. The ability to grow on demand and withstand more network traffic is where a properly configured network will shine.

F1 Computer Solutions's services include a fully staffed voice and data network cable contracting department. Our experienced techs can install and certify your cabling project as a one off, or part of your managed IT services.


Equipment Racks and Rooms

While having IT infrastructure in the Cloud is becoming more prevalent. There are advantages to having on-premise hardware such as servers, storage, and other network devices. F1 can design, build and implement an entire network that is tailored to your specific business needs.