About Us

F1 Computer Solutions has been providing business class Information Technology Services and Solutions to clients in the greater Washington DC metro region for over 17 years. F1 specializes in providing and supporting leading edge technology from the desktop to the cloud, with a focus on superior service and quality at highly competitive prices.

Who We Serve

F1 has served hundreds of business and government clients in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland in a wide range of industries and sectors including healthcare services, legal and financial services, building and construction services, associations, municipalities, and various Federal Government agencies in the Intelligence Community. 

Why We Are Different

F1 differentiates itself from most traditional IT services firms by offering a true life cycle management approach for its clients. F1 will meet with its clients to review and develop IT strategy, plans, and long term budgets to provide a roadmap for making decisions including whether to move to the cloud, add more layers of security, or virtualize more infrastructure. We can review and assess current network and IT infrastructure architecture and offer design recommendations to enhance productivity and security.

How We Serve You

F1 has invested in state of the art infrastructure and systems that allow us to continuously monitor and proactively respond to IT issues and the constant requirement of software patching and updates. If a problem can’t be fixed remotely, F1 has a team of highly skilled technicians and engineers that will resolve the issue with an on-site visit.

What Solutions We Offer

Once a plan is in place, F1 can supply a wide range of solutions, either premise or cloud based, and either for purchase or lease. F1 can install, repair, upgrade, relocate, and dispose of most common IT infrastructure.

F1 is a community friendly company that regularly sponsors and participates in civic and charitable activities. We have received numerous local and national awards and recognition for our commitment to service and our approach to doing business.  You can be confident that your IT Support needs are being met when you partner with F1.  We invite you to contact us today to talk about how we can help meet your needs.